Volunteer Building Services is a supplier for all your insulation and flooring needs.  Contact us today for a free quote on updating your old hardwood floors!

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Add more value to your home with beautiful hardwood flooring or brand new flooring insulation

We work with residential and commercial builders, homeowners, insurance companies, restoration companies, handyman services, you name it! If you need any flooring at fabulous prices, we are the company for you. If you need insulation, we use the best insulation in the industry. We use Owens Corning due to its long standing quality. 

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Now Providing Emergency Services

Along with providing high quality building supplies, we now offer emergency service repairs and restoration. Now you can have the convenience of only working with one company that handles everything instead of dealing with multiple contractors. Let Volunteer Building Services handle everything for you!

Hardwood Flooring

New flooring for your home can greatly increase the value and make it look brand new! We offer many different types of hardwood flooring at the same price large construction companies pay. Why pay more when you can pay less?

Floor Insulation

Properly installed floor insulation could be the solution to a lower utility bill.  At Volunteer Building Services, we offer a variety of floor insulation that will best fit your budget. Make sure to contact us before buying to make sure you get the best deal! 

Flooring and Insulation Supplier in Knoxville, TN